Management Message

Dear customers and esteemed business partners;

Mertateks Foreign Trade Ltd. Sti. We are very proud to work and serve with you. We are proud and happy to deliver your shipments that you have entrusted to us to many destinations around the world with our land, air, sea logistics and transportation services. We work devotedly to ensure that all shipments you deliver to us, regardless of their content, are delivered to their destinations in a timely and safe manner, in accordance with the law. By always keeping customer satisfaction and demands at the forefront, we adopt as our main goal to provide the highest quality service to our valued customers. In the logistics and transportation sector, which is developing day by day, we continue our research and development studies meticulously in order to provide economical service to our customers by using innovative technologies. By developing the services we offer to you in line with technology and laws, we bring you the safe logistics and transportation services you need. Mertateks Foreign Trade Ltd. Sti. aspect; It is one of our most important values to fulfill our responsibilities within the framework of human values and respect for all our interlocutors, from all the people and institutions we serve and cooperate with, to our staff who work for us and become a family. In line with these values, we make our biggest investments with technology, education and individual focus, and we are committed to always providing constructive solutions for our valued customers and business partners. We are proud to be your solution partner whenever you need it, and we wish your cooperation and satisfaction to be permanent.