About Us

Mertateks Foreign Trade Ltd. Sti.; It was established in Istanbul in 2014 in order to provide the best service to its customers, in the light of the respect for work, the meticulous attitude of the staff and business ethics. The effective working activities carried out shed light on the progress in the sector as a result of a short period of time. Mertateks Foreign Trade Ltd., which adopts the principle of gaining customer satisfaction by providing quality, economical and fastest service. Şti., with its expert staff in the fields of import/export, cargo and logistics, responds to the cargo, customs clearance, storage, loading and logistics demands of its customers. Besides these; By contributing to the Turkish manufacturer, it provides door to door delivery by fulfilling the requests such as special production and / or private label (Private Label) in line with the demands of its customers abroad, having quality controls done. Mertateks Foreign Trade Ltd. Sti. If you request it, it presents its references to you with the positive comments it receives about door-to-door delivery. Mertateks Foreign Trade Ltd. Şti., with its experience in international trade, eases your workload and provides convenience for your bureaucratic works such as import/export. Acting with the awareness of how important the factor of good evaluation of time is, it saves time for you, our valued customers. In this way, it helps you to provide more advantages regarding the existing services that you will provide to your customers. Together with its business partners who are leaders in their sectors, it becomes your solution partner in order to get more attractive orders from your customers by shortening the delivery times to ensure your comfort. Mertateks Dış Ticaret Ltd., which follows technological innovations and adds value to the sector with its investments on behalf of institutionalism. Sti. ; As a company that has adopted the principle of providing the fastest and best service with its advanced barcode system, digital warehousing service and renewed product tracking systems, it is making progress in the sector. Since its establishment, in a short time; Mertateks Foreign Trade Ltd., which has succeeded in ensuring the satisfaction of its customers especially in the Middle East and Europe. Sti. , continues to grow with increasing customer demands day by day. It continues to work proudly to share with its customers the pride that it has on its increasing customer satisfaction and success rate. Apart from its offices in Istanbul, Osmanbey and Bahçelievler; With its offices and warehouses in Alsancak/İzmir, Gelsenkirchen/Germany, London/United Kingdom, Moscow/Russia, it provides faster and higher quality service by providing consultancy for warehousing, logistics, customs procedures, cargo, loading, unloading, foreign trade and all transportation operations. . We serve you, our valued customers, with our Head Office in Bahçelievler, our warehouse of 500 m² and our liaison office located in Şişli/Osmanbey. Our logistics storage center with a storage area of 1000 m² in Istanbul Hadımköy has a perfect location and is equipped to preserve your products with 24/7 cameras and physical security measures. Within the framework of our new technological infrastructure, we provide more efficient and faster service with barcode system and electronic control systems. Our location will provide significant convenience for your logistics operations. With our branch office established in Alsancak and our warehouse of 100 m², we serve our valued customers in productions in İzmir. Our warehouse, which was established in 2019 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, serving as the head office of Germany with a storage area of 2000 m², was established with the aim of solving your logistics operations and problems, like our other warehouses. The fastest access to inner European countries will provide you with a great advantage in terms of access. With our office in Moscow, Russia, we provide door-to-door delivery services to many regions, especially the western regions of Russia, from our 1500 m² warehouse. Our logistics warehouse with a storage area of 1000 m² in Szeged, Hungary was established to provide you with added value in your logistics operations, like our other warehouses. It has a 3000 m² storage area in Roermond, the Netherlands. Our logistics warehouse is capable of responding to all your logistics needs. Supply Chain answers your needs such as storage. We are able to serve other countries of Inner Europe in a fast manner through our warehouse in the Netherlands. We support all logistics needs of our customers with our 1500 m² warehouse located in Lyon, France. Especially; We continue to represent you in this region with our supply chain, warehousing and distribution services. From our warehouse in France to Spain serve until We can serve all over England and Ireland from our 1200 m² warehouse located in London, United Kingdom. In order to provide fulfillment service, all the infrastructure preparations of our warehouse have been made and it has been put into your service ready for storage and supply chain installation.