What is Express Shipping? The question of what is Express shipping; It would be a correct definition to answer as “it is a transportation service that provides the fastest delivery to abroad”. It is the service of transporting your cargo shipments abroad, regardless of the person or company, to the destination by express cargo companies at a speed that we can call "light speed". Air cargo service, which is the first option that comes to mind when it comes to express transportation, stands out as the fastest transportation method, especially as the most frequently used transportation method in international express cargo transportation. The only and most important difference between air transportation and express delivery is that express cargo offers a faster transportation service.

Highway Transports

Road transport is one of the most used forms of service in the transport sector. So, what is the type of service that is highly preferred by road transport? As an answer to this question, it would be correct to define road transport as follows: “It is the business of transporting products from one point to another in a way that they can reach the specified address directly, using the highways located at every point of the world.”

Airways Transporting

Airways transporting What is Air Freight? It is the use of airline vehicles for the purpose of receiving the goods to be transported and delivering them to the specified address on time without any possible damage. When the question of air transportation comes to the fore, the first concept that comes to mind is international cargo service. Air transport is a type of service that is more frequently preferred for international shipments, as it can deliver products that need to be transported over very long distances faster than other transportation methods. Air transportation has some differences that distinguish it from other transportation methods. Airlines are often preferred in cargo shipments in terms of saving time thanks to the ability to deliver packages that need to be transported more quickly. One of the most important differences is that the service offered is faster and more reliable, and that the packages are delivered to the determined points in a much shorter time compared to other services.

Maritime Transports

The best answer to the question of what is maritime transport; "International freight transfer and transfer operations are carried out by sea with containers loaded on cargo ships". For shopping between overseas countries, the most preferred service type when there is a need for international freight transportation is maritime transportation. International maritime transportation, which is one of the most preferred services in the transportation sector, can be done by cargo ships providing transportation services over large seas and oceans and in some cases may be less costly than road transportation. The determination of the type of transport should be made according to the availability of land, sea and air routes between the countries concerned, legal processes and the results of cost comparisons. When evaluated in the light of these factors, maritime transport is the preferred method of transportation in order to transport tons of cargo to long distances in cases where road transport between some countries is not convenient or causes much more cost. In this way, the international maritime transportation service is a good alternative that allows much more cargo to be transported to the relevant location at once compared to other transportation methods.

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